Visiting Us & Joining Us

Like all clubs, if we are to grow and survive into the future we need to welcome new members, but gaining membership is not quite as simple as contacting us and asking "Can we join please?" 

FIRST: Explore this website and get to know a little more about us.  You can access all of it, apart from the Members' pages which are restricted to members only.  If you are new to naturism perhaps you would like to look at our "New to Naturism" pages, where you will find answers to the questions we are regularly asked.

You also need to accept that we aim to have an even gender balance (as far as possible) amongst our members, i.e. an equal number of male members to female members.  This is not 100% achievable, but it is what we strive for, and in that context male/female couples tend to find it easier to be accepted quite quickly.  Singles and same sex couples are equally welcome, but may need to join our waiting list, depending the gender balance at the time of application.

THE NEXT STEP: If you are happy so far and would like to take the next step we need to get to know each other, so come along to a few events and see how it goes.  We are a friendly mixed group of individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds.

HAPPY SO FAR?  Visit our "Contact Us" page to get in touch and speak to one of our Committee Members to introduce yourself and have a brief chat.  On your first visit you will need to bring some form of photo ID (e.g. current driver's license or BN card), together with a contact telephone number (required to comply with our incident/accident procedure) and your address.  

Coming Soon:    Hannahs -    

Detail of coming events will be posted when life returns to normal after Covid-19 

                                    Stoke Lodge Evening - Friday 20th March @ 7.30pm

 Check for swim cancellations by calling 07376 788 041 for the latest information

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