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New to Naturism

Nude Not Rude

We find the two often get confused by those who don't know! Naturism isn't about sex, it's doing the same thing as everyone else but without clothes.

Naturists can be very protective against those who drag naturism into disrepute by sexual activity in the same areas they use. Most people feel that sex is best kept private, and naturists are no different.

What about the Sexual Offences Act, is naturism legal?

Yes it is. Naturists were very worried that the Act would threaten their lifestyle.  Naturists everywhere, including from Torbay Sun Club and British Naturism, put together a very well organised information campaign whilst the Act was going through its Bill stages.  After much discussion, clarity and common sense eventually prevailed. This is the current position:

  • We support the Act.

  • We believe that, as naturism isn't about sex, it can't be a 'Sexual Offence'.

  • Numerous publications from the government show that it is no intention of the Act to restrict the activities of bona fide naturists.

  • Nudity would only be an offence if it were deemed to cause harassment, alarm or distress. Remember it's the opinion of the person who claims to be harassed, alarmed or distressed which counts, not yours!

Away from Clubs, private houses and 'official' or well used naturist venues, we recommend sensible courtesy to anyone who might be upset by nudity.

Click here to check on the wording of the Act. Section 66 was the one of most concern to naturists and, after much wrangling, it's now delightfully clear and simple.


If someone approaches me for 'swinging', is it all right to say 'No'.

Yes of course it is.  As long as it's legal, what people do in the privacy of their own homes is up to them but, in the Club environment, you shouldn't even be asked to 'swing'.

So isn't a naturist Club just an excuse for 'swinging'?

No, not at all.  Naturism isn't about sex and, if you are into 'swinging', a naturist club isn't the best place to start and there are other avenues you might want to explore.

Overt sexual activity would be frowned on in most naturist clubs so wait until you get home and enjoy sex in private!

I am a male and I'm worried about getting an erection.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most common questions we get asked by men.

Because naturism isn't a sexual experience, you're no more likely to get an erection simply by being naked than when you have a bath or shower. If you get an erection, whether or not you intended to, you're crossing the line between naturism and sexual behaviour, so you need to be careful and courteous. Cover up with a towel, by turning over on to your tummy or in some other way.

You haven't answered the question I really wanted to ask.

Sorry, that's because we didn't think of it. 


Please contact us and we'll have a go - the only silly question is the one which isn't asked!

Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose!

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