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What We Do

We're normal people who do the same things as everyone else but without clothes, when it's convenient and when it won't cause offence to others.

We have members from all walks of life not only from Torbay itself but from Plymouth, Exeter and most of South and East Devon, Cornwall and Somerset

We are family friendly and have no restrictions on age, however the management of Totnes Pavilion Leisure Centre, where we meet each week, has imposed a minimum age restriction of 18 years for anyone attending our events at their premises.  Regrettably, we must accept this and are unable to change their minds.   Please note that this restriction does not apply at our other venues.

What We Don't Do


Occasionally we have enquiries from people who are looking for "swinging" or other similar activities. We're not prudish and we know it goes on but it's not something we welcome, or encourage, within our Club.

Please contact us if you would like further details of our events or about visiting us

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