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British Naturism

About the Club

Torbay Sun Club is not a landed club., i.e. we do not have a clubhouse or a plot of land of our own on which to meet.  We are essentially a naturist swim and social club that meets once a week at a local, pool plus other events throughout the year.


Our earliest records show that our founder members formed the club in 1976. Based on that information the club proudly celebrated its 40th anniversary by booking an entire naturist weekend at the Stoke Lodge Hotel in Strete near Dartmouth in early March 2017.  Yes, it was a little late, but that was simply because it was not immediately apparent to the committee in post at that time that such an auspicious anniversary was upon us until a chance research of records brought the fact to our attention.  We then set about planning the detail and identifying a suitable location that could accommodate us.  Since that time the club has made it an annual event held each April.  


We are a family oriented club comprised of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds.  Most of our members live in either Devon or Cornwall, but some live further away and can only visit us infrequently, but we love to have a catch-up when they are nearby.

We welcome new members, whether they are seasoned naturists or those who have never engaged in social nudity before but are keen to give it a try.  If that is you please have a look at our "Visiting Us" and "New to Naturism" pages

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